A Girl Can Only Dream

When I was growing up there was always one thing I really wished I had more of… pavement. A weird wish, but there are so many activities pavement allows that gravel just doesn’t. For example, playing basketball, drawing with chalk, bouncing bouncy balls, and rollerblading; even riding bikes is better on nice smooth concrete. Doing these things sans pavement is not as much fun. I mean how do you draw a game of hopscotch on gravel?

Photo by Phillippa Willitts
Photo by Phillippa Willitts

All I had was one sad, little concrete walkway to our house. I must have asked my dad 100 times if we could get our yard and our driveway paved. Our house is about half a kilometer from the road, now that I am an adult, I realize that this probably would have cost a million dollars to do so (or somewhere roughly in that price range). I also realize that having paved roads is probably not the most practical thing for a farm, but I mean, it would have been AWESOME!

One of my favorite pastimes was rollerblading. In our town, there are several paved streets, but it is full of gravel and cracked concrete. AKA a death trap… if you ask me. There are actually only two nicely paved roads that were great for rollerblading, but you had to take the rough ones first in order to get there. I am lucky I even survived to tell this tale.

Photo by Illiyan Yankov
Photo by Illiyan Yankov

The worst thing to ever happen to me was new gravel. The road to my house would occasionally get this and it was absolutely awful to ride our bikes on. The bike tires sunk into the gravel making it hard to get traction. Riding my bike became even more work than it already is, especially when we got to a hill. (There is maybe one hill in our town, but I swear the gentle incline to our house felt like Mount Everest on new gravel). Once the gravel sunk back into the dirt or got washed away our lives were good again, but those few weeks in the meantime were hell.

Photo by Chris Stephens
Photo by Chris Stephens

As you can tell, a young Heather had to deal some pretty tough conditions. I always had to watch the road for large pieces of gravel so I wouldn’t wipe out on my rollerblades and spill my Slurpee. Riding bikes no handed became more dangerous than it already is and only possible on certain roads. I was always so envious of city people and their nicely paved sidewalks and trails. A girl could only dream of how many fun activities they got to do on a regular basis.

Now, I finally got my wish and live in a concrete jungle. My dad still has not paved any farm roads and does not have any future plans of doing so. Currently, I find riding my bike on a paved trails or streets is much more enjoyable than the gravel roads I endured as a kid. As for rollerblading… well that’s just not cool anymore.

Photo by Alec Couros
Photo by Alec Couros




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