Praire Drop-Ins

I figured staying at my family farm for the week would be a great inspiration for this blog and it is because the best thing just happened to me: A drop-in. What’s that you say? A drop-in, also known as stopping by, is when a person simply decides to come on over for a visit. No calls, no tweets, no Facebook messages, no warnings.

This doesn’t happen in the city or at least it has never happened to me. We live in a technological age so there really is no reason why someone would not give you a heads up before they come over. In the country, it is just a matter of driving past someone’s house and thinking “hey, wonder what they are up to?”

If someone showed up on my doorstep in the city, unannounced, I would probably think there was something seriously wrong or they are going to try and kill me. Even if someone just happens to drive by, they always call me first to say “I’m in the area and will be at your house in a minute or so.”

Farm dog
A farmers’ version of a door bell. Photo courtesy Kate Gardiner.

So here I am, at the Farmhouse, making brunch and having a cup of tea. The dogs start barking and I think my classic country thought, “who’s here?” I look out the window to see a white truck coming down the driveway. I have untamed hair, unbrushed teeth, unwashed face and am not wearing a bra, and yes it was close to noon. I put on a sweater to at least hide the lack of bra and open the door to find a friend. We then preceded to have a five minute conversation.

And this happens all the time. The dogs start barking and instantly we think someone is here. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is or if it is the weekend or not, people just stop by. It could be anyone, from your best friend to your neighbour to your cousin’s wife’s dad, and I think farmers’ enjoy it. It gives them a chance to have a break and a quick bullshit with their buddies, then it is back to work… that is until the next drop-in happens. It finally makes sense to me why my grandma always had homemade apple pie in her freezer because you honestly never know when someone might simply come on over for a visit.

Homemade Apple Pie
A drop-in at Grandma’s house was always a delicious idea. Photo courtesy of Winston Wong.

Should we bring the drop-in visit back? Do you enjoy it when people stop by for no reason at all?


7 thoughts on “Praire Drop-Ins

  1. I used to dislike people dropping in but after living in the country for a while I love it when people drop in. I also love that we can pass a neighbouring farmer and stop in to see how things are going and as you are leaving someone gives you a new recipe or an arm full of rhubarb or maybe even a zucchini or squash. 😉 It really is great!


    • I guess I can see that side of it. Being in the city you see people all day long, but in the country you don’t. A drop-in would be nice, especially if you have pie or something to share. I don’t really mind it when I’m out at the farm because it’s the weekend and I have nothing better to do, but if I was busy I would probably be annoyed.


  2. Very interesting. Personally I often feel tempted to just drop in on people I’d like to say hi to, but then get little pangs of guilt about bothering them. I might be bothered a bit too getting dropped in on at home. City life is so formal, and home time is so comparatively informal. Work and life on the farm sort of combine the two states in a quaint but very dignified balance. Given that these farm place drop ins seem to be a sort of work time break at least for one of the parties, it might be notable to consider that in certain jobs where this kind of thing is permissible, work drop ins are quite a welcome thing in the city. My urge to drop in usually meets no difficulty there.


    • I never thought about the work drop-in. I agree, I would have no problem doing that and would like it if people would do that. It would make me feel good that they were thinking about me and wanted to say hi. I guess I should view that the same way when I’m at home, but my vanity gets in the way and I’m worried that my house isn’t clean and what not.


  3. Brazilians do this all the time! It’s part of our culture, although I’m not very fond of it (especially on Sundays…). Sometimes you just want to sleep in, or not wear a bra the whole day, and suddenly there’s a group at your door expecting food and lively conversation hahaha I think that’s why I love Canada hahaha

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