I ♥ John Deere

Photo courtesy of Frank Thompson
Photo courtesy of Frank Thompson

Once upon a time, probably as a joke to my farmer father, I was told that we are John Deere people. I thought “what the heck does that mean?” Well, it means that we love John Deere tractors and only John Deere tractors.

From this moment on, I was brainwashed to love John Deere. Sure we have a few other brands of tractors, but those ones are the lame tractors that are not nearly as cool to drive… I can’t believe I would even mention those ones in this blog!

Anyways, it turns out that farmers have some serious brand loyalty, which they then force on to their children. No big deal.

Our devotion meant many trips to the John Deere store, typically for parts, but that was alright because they have free popcorn. If you are a John Deere enthusiast then you have probably already discovered this store and already love it. Not only do they have all the latest John Deere tractors, lawnmowers, but they also have everything else: sweaters, t-shirts (pink ones for the ladies), toys, coffee cups, baby clothes, toques, and so on. I’m not sure if there is anything John Deere hasn’t put their logo on.

While I still have loyalty to John Deere for no other reason than parental influence, I have also come to love my own brands which I will probably force my future children to love as well. I’m a sucker for Apple products, obsessed with my Converse runners, and I love ripping around in my Mitsubishi Lancer.

Are there any brands that you love because your family does?

Photo courtesy of thissillygirlslife.com
Photo courtesy of thissillygirlslife.com



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