Keep Off the Fields

To City,

The one thing I was repeatedly taught, from a young age, is to NEVER drive on farmer’s field. Non-farm people probably do not know that keeping off farmland is an absolute MUST. So here is my public service announcement.

My dad battles with people ATVing or skidooing on his fields all of the time. While it may look like a fun place to rip around, it actually ends up making tracks and ruts in the field. Essentially you are driving on a farmer’s livelihood for the sake of your own entertainment.

The past couple months, a man on an ATV has been using almost every single one of our fields to drive his kid to school. (You know it’s a small town when you drop your kid off at school on a quad).

The first time my dad’s friend caught him. The man complained because the friend was also driving on the land. The difference being the friend had permission. The trespasser then used the “school” excuse, ignoring the fact that there are several roads and ditches he could take to the school instead.

Peter Blanchard
Photo Credit: Peter Blanchard

Then my dad caught the trespasser. This time the man refused to stop his ATV. When he finally did slow down and my dad was just about to talk to him, the man shook his head ‘no” and speed off in another direction.

Recently, my dad caught him again! This time the man ATVing ended up using not just my dad’s fields, but some of the neighbour’s farmland as well. When he finally stopped, he was extremely confrontational and they ended up in a yelling match. The man believes he is in the right to use our fields because there isn’t any “No Trespassing” signs. This man literally crosses our driveway and can probably see the house, the machinery, barns, and so on, all things proving that he is indeed on private property. Needless to say, the man did not agree to quit ATVing on our farm. My dad has now put up “No Trespassing” signs and has gated off some of his fields. Unfortunately, there are still areas that trespassers will be able to get in.

No Trespassing
Photo Credit: Sharon Drummond

The thing that really bothers me, other than this man’s sheer lack of respect, is that he is teaching his child to have the same ignorant, entitled attitude.

So here’s the point of this rant. Do not trespass on private property. This is never a good idea. It could possibly be dangerous because of hidden barb wired fences. You also never know what kind of person owns that land. If you really want to be on those fields, get permission first.

Love, Country


4 thoughts on “Keep Off the Fields

  1. I’m just playing devil’s advocate here… but you said your dad’s friend drives on the fields with his atv but this guy can’t? Maybe this guy saw the other atv driving around and assumed he is allowed? Obvi after the confrontation the atver should be smart enough to avoid the situation, but maybe there is another way to solve this rather than a pissing contest. I used to be an avid atver and there were signs at farmers gates saying access could be granted if they called a number and got the rules. I think they were issued by the county. I say call the county mounties and give them his plate number and if he doesn’t have a plate then he will get a big fine too.

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    • I never thought of it that way, which would make sense as to why the guy got the impression he could be on the land. I’m not sure what my dad has done since to keep the ATVer off the land, but I agree that if the trespassing continues my dad should definitely tell the police.


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