That Time Silence Stopped Being Weird

To City,

I recently spent a week at the farm cow sitting, well technically I just made sure the house didn’t burn down, my sister stayed alive, and the dogs were fed. The one thing I quickly discovered is that it is really quiet out in the country, like ridiculously quiet. I would wake up. Quiet. Come home from work. Quiet. The only time it would get a little bit noisy was in the evening when the coyotes would howl, and that was just something creepy added to all that silence.

It was a major change from the city where I am all too used to listening to my annoying neighbours stomp around upstairs, vehicles driving down the alley, construction on the block, and the occasional siren from somewhere in the neighbourhood. I am usually pissed off over the noise and have to wear earplugs on a regular basis to help keep the sounds out and my anger in check. The one downfall of using earplugs is the possibility of my smoke detector sounding while I am asleep and myself not hearing anything, but I think I’ll take my chances in order to get some peace and quiet.

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So since I finally had the chance to enjoy the lack of noise at the farm, I did the opposite and took advantage of not having neighbours and instead blared music, stomped around, and even occasionally yelled. But I wasn’t really doing these things because I have been deprived of making noise, I was doing them because I wanted to fill the silence.

It took a few days to stop being creeped out by the quiet and actually get used to it. Once I felt comfortable, I started to really enjoy how peaceful silence could be. It was so much less stressful not having to see or hear the people in my apartment building. I enjoyed looking out the window and seeing trees and the stars instead of cars on a busy street or the neighbour raking his leaves. I felt like I could truly relax and it was really great.

Then I came back to my apartment and that sense of peace all went to shit, but hey, I chose to live in the city. My advice to take away from this blog post is to stop thinking silence is weird and actually embrace it once in a while. You may not realize how much the constant bombardment of all the noise we face day-to-day really can stress you out. Sometimes it is can be a nice change to actually hear your own thoughts from time to time, and this can be achieved by simply taking out your earbuds and listening to the bird’s sing. Or if you are in the country, hear the coyotes howl…But be warned they sound incredibly creepy.

Love, Country

Mario Packhaiser
Photo Credit: Mario Packhaiser

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