To City,

Now that the snow is falling and the temperature is dropping, I’ve realized that I am in a desperate need for some winter gear, boots in particular.

Over the years, I’ve made do with cute jackets and stylish shoes during the winter months, partly for the fashion’s sake and partly out of rebellion to my parents. Gone are the days when I had to lug around my heavy winter coat and trek around in bulky boots all winter long because those were the only items I owned.

My rebellious plan worked for a while, but now that I’m an adult and I realized that I still enjoy playing in the snow and do this on the farm, where there is a lot of snow, my plan is not so smart.

I have come to the conclusion that my parent’s good intentions of keeping their kids warm rather than in style was a good idea. I repeat: My parents were right.

Several other things inspired me to finally fork over the dough for a good pair of boots.

  • Apparently everyone hates UGGs now.
  • I always have cold feet. It’s a girl thing or a tall thing or something, but it sucks.
  • The floor vents in my car do not work.
  • I hate having to brush snow off my vehicle in thinly lined shoes.
Photo Credit: AisforAmy91

The past few winters when I wanted to have a fun-filled snow day I would wear a knock-off pair of UGGs. These boots are warm, but can only really be worn on days when it doesn’t snow. I’ve also found out the hard way that they are not even remotely waterproof or windproof (think skidooing in slushy snow).

Then I tried using my hiking boots that I would normally wear for work. They do an OK job at keeping my feet warm, but only if I am constantly moving or if I’m standing near a bon-fire. Another downfall of hiking boots is that they need to be sprayed with leather protector in order to keep water out. So in other words, I spray them once and then forget to do it for the rest of the season, which probably doesn’t help with the cold feet issue.

Last year, I was finally forced to wear my dad’s lined rubber boots. They worked because they were a few sizes too big, which meant three pairs of socks went on my feet. Unfortunately, these boots are absolutely hideous and scream “I’m a farmer”. No offence, but that not quite the look I was going for.

Photo Credit: weaverdevore.ca

So this is my confession: I have been a dummy wearing shitty boots with frozen feet and I’m not going to take it anymore. (Wow, I really hope this confession doesn’t come back to haunt me the next time I’m underdressed for the weather).

Friends, which boots do you suggest I should buy? Can fashion and function exist? Something warm, but cute, please?

Love, (frozen feet) Country


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