Farmhouse Finds: Part 1

To City,

The farmhouse, my childhood home, was built in 1934. I busted out the calculator… app on my phone and did the math. Our house is 80 years old. Over the years, some renovations have been done and some things have stayed the same. One day my sister and I were talking about all the weird stuff in our very old home and I thought I would share our discoveries with you.

Photo Credit: Jasmine Heeks.

First up is this antique phone. It is hanging on the wall in our hallway. I’m not sure why we still have it, but its main purpose over the years has been to collect dust. And it has been doing a fantastic job at collecting dust. I’m not going to lie, it used to be a really fun “toy” to play with growing up. If you look on the right side of the telephone there is a handle. When the handle is turned the phone will produce a high pitched ringing noise that is guaranteed to piss off any adult in the house. I’m surprised the antique phone even survived our childhood and is still hanging in there… get it? (Cue the lame joke drums).

Second up is the kitchen. Our kitchen has not 1, not 2, but 8 doorways in it. Apparently open-concept was a non-existent idea back in the day. Here’s the breakdown of all those damn doors: one for the porch, pantry, half-bathroom, laundry room, master bedroom, basement, hallway, and the living room. To top it all off there is trim around all the doorways and the trim connects all the doorways together. I would say the ratio is 60 % wall and 40 % trim. What a nightmare to paint! Note: I apologize for the lack of photos, but it is very hard to take a picture of 8 doorways.

Photo Credit: Jasmine Heeks

Last but not least is our stairs. They are super steep, like hold the wall and the railing when descending steep. I am used to their incline, but whenever someone new comes over they are always baffled and out of breath when climbing these steps. Our stairs have seen some good falls over the years, as you probably expected, but for some reason they are always the cause of fall-ups. (When you trip going up the stairs because apparently you are new at walking and have not mastered stairs yet. AKA embarrassing, especially if you are in public). I can count the amount of times I have actually fallen down these stairs on one hand, but fall-ups are a regular occurrence… for me at least.

I have only listed a few of my farmhouse finds and will post some more in my next blog post. Thanks for reading, and possibly passing judgment (good or bad) on the weird stuff in our home.

Love, Country

P.S. Does your house have any quirky characteristics or antique décor that you love?



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