Farmhouse Finds: Part 2

To City,

My next batch of Farmhouse Finds features the interesting light switches, out of place arch, and our old garage, which is not a part of our house, but I will explain that later.

I am sure that my “finds” are just a result of our house being old, and slowly but surely being renovated, as I discussed in my last post. But the bright side of our home being outdated is that it gives me something to talk about for my blog.

Photo Credit: Jasmine Heeks

First up is the light switches. They have push buttons instead of the modern design of flicking the switch up or down. For the most part, these light switches have been converted to the newer style, but a few of those retro ones are still hanging out on our walls. Once a new switch replaces the old, it takes forever to get used to it. Our brains have been programmed to push not flick up, which makes it a bit awkward when you are going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and you keep pushing the light switch and nothing is happening…Not that I am talking from experience or anything.

Photo Credit: Jasmine Heeks

The second find is the arch between the living room and the dining room. The arch is not a bad thing, it is just a random design added into a house that is full of doors and is very square. I guess it does add some character and was probably a pretty fancy feature back in 1934. Now it just gets used to hang the garland around it at Christmas time.

And last, but probably my coolest find, is our garage. Our former-garage used to be the train station for our town. One of my ancestors bought it from the town once the railway left and then converted it into the garage for the farm. I remember it being full of tools, ladders, buckets, tires, and, for the most part, garage things. But it also was really interesting because there were a lot of tiny rooms in it and most of the wood had people’s names carved into it. Eventually, the town bought the train station back in order to include in their Heritage Village. The station has been repainted and had a new platform built. It looks like an actual train station again. Now, at the farm, we just have a boring old, regular garage.

These are a few more of my Farmhouse Finds, but our house has a lot of character and is a great inspiration for this blog. Look for more of my finds in later posts.

Love, Country


3 thoughts on “Farmhouse Finds: Part 2

  1. That train station was pulled by a horse team to the farm and just couldn’t make it up the last hill so they used horses and an old tractor


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