A Little DIY: Farmhouse Edition

To City,

Since I have been on the topic of our farmhouse, I figured I would write a post about my favorite thing to do to the farmhouse, paint. Now, I am not the handiest person, but working on the house has been great practice. My dad doesn’t seem to mind, lets me do whatever I want, and pays for all the supplies. It is a good deal.

My latest renovating adventure was painting the guest bedroom. Painting is supposed to be a fairly easy job, but the farmhouse walls are old concrete that have taken a serious beating over the years. The first step to making the walls beautiful again is prep work. Doing a good job at prepping pays off in the end. Trust me!


To start, I bought spackling that is pink, but dries white. Using a putty knife, I filled every single hole, crack, and dent I could find. From the picture, you can tell that there was a lot of holes, cracks, and dents in these walls.

Unfortunately lots of filler, means lots of sanding and lots of dust. I forced my sister to help because the sanding job was a big one and I did not want to do all the work by myself. We used 80 grit sandpaper sponges and sanded the filled spots, by hand until they were smooth and flush with the wall. Then we sanded all the walls and ceiling one last time, in order to make a rough surface for the paint to stick.


When this was done, we were suffocating in a dust cloud. Thankfully, we were wearing masks, but we had to wait till the dust settled in order to sweep up the mess and wash the walls properly.

Next was taping. The hardest part was taping the curve that runs along to wall into the ceiling. Once again, a random design, in our otherwise square house.

Then it was time to paint the ceiling. I did this about three times in order to cover up the colour I call “smoker’s yellow.”


After the ceiling was painted, I took a small brush and painting all the filled holes and cracks. You want to paint these first so they do not show under finished paint. They are called “shine spots” and you want to avoid seeing them when you are done. Then I used my brush to paint all the edges, corners, and ceiling line.

Once you start putting paint on the walls you will probably experience a bit of a mental breakdown over the colour. Thoughts will run in your head such as “is this colour too dark? Too light? What was I thinking? I think I hate it! I think I love it!” Just remember the paint always dries darker.

Rolling the paint on is the easy part. I did two coats. Waited until that walls were almost dry, maybe a little tacky, and took all the tape off.


I may have made this process seem a bit easy. The reality is that this paint job took me about 3 days, mostly because the prep work was intense. The work did pay off though and now the farmhouse has a modern coloured guest bedroom and she’s a beaut.

Love, Country



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