Time Machine to 1969

To City,

One of the great things about the city is the variety of entertainment. My dad and I have made it an annual excursion to attend a good ol’ rock and roll show, which has been a lot of fun. He gets to see the bands from his youth and I get to broaden my musical horizons. Plus we get to see these amazing artists once last time before they call it quits. So far, we have seen Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Roger Waters, Fleetwood Mac, and this year John Fogerty from Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR).

I was really excited for John Fogerty because our seats were only six rows from the stage! I also know most of the songs from all the years of listening to classic rock, back when I was a kid and not allowed to control the radio station in the vehicle.


The John Fogerty tour called 1969, began with a 20 minute documentary discussing what was happening in that momentous year and the success CCR gained during that time, the pivotal point being Woodstock. The documentary was really interesting, to me at least, because I love learning about history, but my neck was getting sore from having to look up at the screen. (First world problems/ amazing seats problems).

The actual concert was everything I expected plus more. The arena smelt like “the marijuana”, a majority of the crowd was wearing Harley Davidson apparel, and there was a lot of dad-type dancing.


John Fogerty sang all the hits and did so with immense energy, which was impressive for his 69-years of age. He told stories from Woodstock, made corny “dad jokes” about his wife’s shoe addiction, and referenced Wayne Gretsky several times as a way to relate to Edmontonians.

I thought the John Fogerty concert was going to be for old fogies, but there was a lot of people around my age and some even younger. I spotted them by all the selfies that were taken… not that I’m guilty of that or anything.


Overall the concert was a lot of fun and my dad’s night off from the farm was a success. As for our next concert, well, we are both hoping that U2 comes to our city. Fingers Crossed. What concerts are you looking forward to?

Love, Country

P.S. Speaking of old fogies, my ears are still ringing from how loud it was last night.


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