Farmhouse Finds: Part 3

To City,

Another edition of Farmhouse Finds is here. I knew you would be excited! If you missed the last two posts click Part 1 and Part 2.

Photo Credit: Jasmine Heeks

To start we have this piece of concrete with horse hair in it. All of the walls in our house are made out of concrete. With some of the renovations done over the years, someone in my family took a good look at the pieces of what used to be the walls and thought that there was something weird about them. According to the Economist website, horse hair in concrete was a trick the Ancient Romans used. The article states, “they often mixed horse hair into their concrete to reduce the amount that it shrank during hardening. They also added blood, which has the effect of making the stuff more frost-resistant by creating extra pores.” Well, that is a little gross. I have no idea if blood was used in the making of our house, but the horse hair definitely was used.

Photo Credit: Jasmine Heeks

Next up we have this old safe. I don’t know if every farm is like this, but we have the creepiest basement ever and for some reason there is this antique safe in it. No one knows the code and no one knows what is inside. That would really suck if there were stacks of 100 dollar bills inside.

Photo Credit: Jasmine Heeks
Photo Credit: Jasmine Heeks



Then we have the hardware of the house. The doorknobs and locks are the definitions of old fashioned. I actually kind of like the skeleton key locks and I think it adds character.

Photo Credit: Jasmine Heeks

Lastly, is the heat vents. Now that I’m looking at them, I realize I kind of like them as well. The only downside is when the vent is open things can fall into the duct. For example, a kitten. We could hear the poor thing mewing. My brother saved it by putting a sheet down the duct and the kitten clawed onto it, then we were able to pull it up to safety.

What types of things make your house interesting? Any antique hardware or unique designs?

Love, Country


2 thoughts on “Farmhouse Finds: Part 3

  1. This was soo interesting. Talk about thinking outside the box to put a sheet down the vent. Poor kitten. As for the safe, I would have bought a stethoscope or something. You should definitely try cracking it still. I bet you there is some sort of treasure in there, even if its just old journals.

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