Snow Days

To City,

One awesome thing about living in the country, in the winter, were the days when school would be closed due to icy roads or a snowstorm.

Usually, the school would call in the morning to let us know, but sometimes the call was missed or the call never came. We would get all bundled up, walk down our half a kilometer driveway and wait, and wait, and then wait some more. By the time we became frozen solid, one of our parents would come pick us up and let us know school was cancelled.

Photo Credit: Amanda B.

The worst thing to happen to us was when our parents came and picked us up and then would drive us to school. We would get to the building and my siblings and I and maybe three other kids, would show up for classes. That day at school usually turned into an arts and crafts day, which was alright as well, but not as awesome as a day playing Nintendo would have been.

Now that I live in the city, schools NEVER close. I told a co-worker that my sister didn’t have school because of the weather. Their reply was “she must live in the boonies.”

This is the one area where we had the city kids beat. Snow days are awesome! Now that I’m older, I wish work would be cancelled because of the weather. Some days I would even take an arts and crafts day over work.

Love, Country

P.S. What did you do on your snow days?

Melinda Shelton
Photo Credit: Melinda Shelton



2 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. Sledding and hot chocolate! Even though I’m a nerd and played a frightening amount of Nintendo as a kid, I have always been a winter person, so any time we had the rare snow day, I was outside until I couldn’t feel my feet.


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