O Christmas Tree

To City,

I am aware that the date is January 11, 2016, and that I’m long past due taking my Christmas Tree down. Yet, here it is standing in my living room in all its glory. Why? Well, I had every intention of packing up the tree and the decorations into their designated boxes and putting them back into storage for the year, but my fiancé kept telling me to wait another day. “Not yet, it’s too pretty” is what I heard every time I made the declaration. Finally, I started to agree with him.

My version of SAD light therapy.

If you have already taken down your tree, that’s cool and the standard thing to do, but here are my reasons why you should think twice about it next year:

  • Winter is cold and dark and depressing as f#$%. It is nice to come home and look at something beautiful each day.
  • You can light a candle that smells like you just cut the twine off that Balsam Fir you bought in an IKEA parking lot. Not only will you experience the visuals and scents of Christmas, but you will also go into a nostalgic state and remember that time your heart grew three sizes over the holidays. The added bonus is that you no longer have the holiday stress!
Free endorsement for Bath and Body Works but their Candles are truly amazing!
  • You can stop calling it a Christmas Tree! When questioned, say it’s your Winter Tree. If I had the forethought, I would have bought all winter themed decorations such as little birds, white mesh garland, and snowmen decorations. Who knows, this might turn into our summer tree, complete with mini beach balls and sunglasses for decorations.
  • You get to go against the norm. Who the hell said the tree has to come down by New Years anyways? If you have a real tree then you obviously should throw that thing into a bonfire, but if you have a fake tree then rock on.
  • You get to be lazy. It is work to decorate the tree and it is work to take it down. Use this opportunity to let future you worry about it. In the meantime, sit back and binge Making a Murderer while you bask in the glow from your Winter Tree.
Mummering: A Newfoundland Tradition 

Keep in mind that I don’t have kids or animals who are threatening the well-being of my tree and its decorations, but it is winter and I’m spending most of my time in my very small apartment which can be a bit depressing. Instead, join me in turning this Winter Tree idea into a conversation piece or a competition of who can keep their tree up the longest. Most importantly, let the beauty of the decorations and lights cheer you up and make everything about this winter seem just a little bit better!

Love, Country

PS. Do you still have your tree up? Am I the only one?


6 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree

  1. It is really pretty when it’s up and it always seems like it comes down too fast but I never find time to take it down when I’m back at work in January.
    Especially since no one else wants to help take it down!
    I am totally in favour of leaving it up though.


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