Hey, ya’ll! I’m Heather, the author of this lil ol’ blog.

I figured maybe I should throw in some country twang there since I write a blog about being from the country. But who am I kidding? I never had an accent. Instead, I toss around all the slang that the cool kids use in the city.

From reading my blog, I hope you have discovered that most of all I like to make fun of myself and secondly, that I love nostalgia. It is one of the reasons why I still go back to the farm where I grew up. There are so many memories from my childhood, good and bad, that our old farmhouse holds and I am using this blog to write about them all.

I also use my country getaways as an escape from my city life. While the city holds the things I need day-to-day, such as my job, my university, and my apartment, there is something about leaving these things behind for the weekend or even just the evening that can be refreshing and relaxing.

Some other things about me, I love reading and talking about what I am reading. This can be a bit awkward when my audience hasn’t read the book and will never have the desire to read the book. By audience, I mean my fiance. Thankful he seems to like it when I talk about random things and I like that he is a good listener.

I love travelling and desperately need to do more of it. So far my favorite places I have been to are Paris and Berlin. I loved Paris so much that I decorated my entire bathroom in Paris decor.

I also enjoy cooking and baking, except I try and keep my baking to a minimum since most of the things I like to bake contains outrageous amounts of chocolate.

OK, I need to wrap up this About Me section before it ends up becoming me just rambling on. Look for new posts once a week. Thanks for reading!







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