I Put the Pro in Procrastination

To City,

Not going to lie, by me writing this blog is actually me procrastinating from doing school work at the moment. Procrastinating is actually what I’ve been doing a lot of lately. There is something about my homework piling up that makes me want to check Facebook even more often than I normally do. And it can be pretty sad when only one person has written a new status since the last time you checked your newsfeed.

All of this dawdling has made me wonder how farmers stay focused and stay on track. They are their own boss which means they can do whatever the hell they want. If that was me, the cows would get fed at 10 pm when I get home from the mall; I would work in the fields tomorrow because I want to binge-watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix today; and I would fix fences when the weather got better, whenever that will be because it is looking fairly wintery out there.

Photo Credit: Lynn Friedman

I honestly think farmers are so productive because they haven’t discovered BuzzFeed yet. But to get to the bottom of their consistent work ethic I asked my dad, the farmer. He used his serious voice and said that most of the time he really doesn’t feel like working, but then he remembers that he likes having money and food, so he gets to work because he really has no other choice.

Not the most profound insight, but I definitely have to commend farmers on their productivity. In the long run, it truly does benefit us that they are not slackers because I know that most of us enjoy having a wide variety of food to choose from at the grocery store.

So here is the inspirational end to this blog post: stop saying later and start saying now. It sucks having to work, but it is better than having to live with the feeling of dread when you start thinking about all the things you have been dragging your feet on. Trust me, your future self will be thankful!

Now I just have to learn how to take my own advice.

Love, Country

P.S. What helps you to stop procrastinating?