Obviously I had to Write about Halloween!

To City,

Halloween brings up a lot of really great memories for me. While it’s been, what feels like forever, since I last trick-or-treated, the one thing that remains the same is how freaking cold it is! Nothing is worse than having a super cool costume, only to have it covered up by a winter coat. But hey, staying warm is pretty awesome too… I guess.

Our farmhouse did not see a lot of trick-or-treating action, but we still had hope. Every year we bought candy, decorated the house, and lit up the pumpkins. The only kids that would come to our house were maybe a few of our friends from school, but only if they could convince their parents to drive down our long creepy driveway, a kilometer from any major road, in the middle of the country… Ok, our house is a frightening place to trick-or-treat. But here’s a tip: when you go to forgotten house you get a lot of candy. The owner’s don’t cheap out, they are just grateful to have someone to give that candy to.

Snow on Halloween, no big deal…

Another tip, do not use a tiny bucket or a small Halloween bag you got from the dollar store, instead use a pillowcase. They are so much bigger, which means the potential for a ridiculous amount of candy is better. A pillowcase is an opportunity to use pity to your advantage. When a homeowner sees an overflowing bucket of candy, they think “you’re full. Get out of here”. When they see an empty pillowcase, the homeowner will probably feel bad for you and sneak in an extra handful of mini-chocolate bars. It works. Trust me, my pillowcase has seen many Halloweens.

One last thing to remember is to talk to fellow trick-or-treaters. Kids always brag about which house is handing out full-size chocolate bars and cans of pop and will point you in the right direction. These houses are rare, but they the Holy Grail for trick-or-treaters. Kids will also tell you which people are handing out candied apples. Avoid these houses at all costs. Candied apples are not candy, they are just apples trying to be candy. No kid wants that.

These are just a few things I have learned in my many years of trick-or-treating and writing this makes me miss those chilly October 31 nights. Now that I am an adult, all I get to look forward to is dressing up in a sexy costume and dancing to Thriller. I hope Halloween is still as exciting for kids today as it was when I was younger.

We were really into making our own costumes.

I wish you all candy-induced belly aches and if someone wants to save me some of their Tootsie Rolls that would be Spooktacular.

Happy Halloween!

Love, Country